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My Audible Book - The Green New Deal - The Rise of Democratic Socialism is now AVAILABLE

New Audible Book - Can SAVE THE PLANET - GET IT TODAY~! DON'T DELAY - YOUR PLANET'S HEALTH - WHICH IS ALSO YOUR HEATH AND THE SURVIVAL OF YOUR CHILDREN AND THEIR CHILDREN AFTER THEM IS AT STAKE! GREEN NEW DEAL NEWS Note:  Alaska just had their hottest summer on record - so hot the Salmon are not spawning.  Just in case you're a Climate Deny-er.  You still like to eat, don't you? You still like breathing - right? HOW ABOUT YOUR CHILDREN?  Do they like to EAT and BREATHE? THEN - AFTER LISTENING TO OUR PLAN FOR THE EARTH _ COME BACK HERE AND JOIN US.  You'll sleep better knowing you're at least TRYING YOUR BEST to save your MOTHER EARTH. Ready to be save the EARTH? You'll be part of the greatest crowd ever gathered together for one purpose.  United We Stand - Divided we will die. Membership Options    Climate Striker : $5.00 USD - monthly    Recruiter : $10.00 USD - monthly    Super-Recruiter : $25.00 USD - monthly