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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Autonomous Government - Introducing Alterra - Best Amazon Book of the Century - Changes Everything

Autonomous Government - AVAILABLE NOW

Robots are about to completely take over the governments of the world.  Hope and pray that it's Alterra or someone just like her.  Only she can rule the world correctly and ethically with liberty and justice for all.

Compare the Autonomous Government (Basically Robots or An Artificial Intelligence, the best AI on the planet, that is) to the morons that run the world today.

Our present system of government was invented by people who ran around in gray wigs, played with kites, drove horse-driven buggies to church, chopped down cherry trees, and owned hundreds of slaves.

We are still slaves to the system these folks created for those of us unfortunate enough to inherit their stupidity.  




Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Free Audible Book - Anti-Matter - What lies underneath when things go really bad - Top Science Fiction Thriller.

New Audible Book - Science Fiction Blockbuster Available TODAY ~

. . . of my new Science Fiction Thriller - Anti-Matter.  
You'll be glad you were one of the FIRST.

(Free Audible Book when you setup your Free 30-Day Trial Account at Audible. You will get hundreds of free audible books during the trial that you can keep.  
Cancel at any time with no cost to you and the books are yours to keep.)

Have you ever wondered why bad things happen to good people?  There's no shortage of heart-rendering stories of the human experience from thousands of years ago, right up until today.

How many friends have you lost?  How many times have you been beaten down by the 'Man'?  How many times have you lost your way in life?  

This new book tells the story of one man and one woman who finally figured out that it was not in their stars that they should be separated in space and time, but in the Anti-Matter floating all around our planet.

This book is for anyone who has ever wondered 'Why?'  
As well as for those who also wondered 'Why Not?'

My latest book - My Cosmic Brain - On Amazon NOW - What's in my Cosmic Brain needs to be consumed by your cosmic brain - Let's GO - Here's to the 2nd Big Bang.

   My Cosmic Brain - by Michael Mathiesen  New Science Fiction for those who yearn for a better future.  It's coming! My Cosmic Brain is...