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My new book - Extinction Live - Available NOW on Audible. Can be FREE if you open a new Free Trial Account with Audilble

    The Audible Version of Extinction Live is available TODAY.  Heard a good book lately? Audible Version of Extinction Live  - Watch the Extinction of the Human Race - LIVE as it happens.  Not for the squeamish or the faint of heart - LISTEN to a Best Selling Sci-Fi novel while at work or play (We won't tell your fam)   We're going through the early stages of the greatest mass extinction in the evolution of life on planet Earth.  The first to go are the birds.  IN America alone we've lost over 7 billion birds in the last few years.  Their disappearance continues as the planet heats up.  Next will be the bees.  They are already hurting and fighting for their hives.  AS YOU MAY KNOW - NO BEES means NO FOOD.  Kind of important we all start to PAY ATTENTION (YES/NO?) No human effort SO FAR is able to even slow it down.  Our Government has been ABOLISHING ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROLS over the last fifty years that have worked to slow down the final day of reckoning.  Exxon/Mobil rece